Fundraising- Individual Student Accounts

Each year students will have the opportunity to fundraise for future high school orchestra travel.  All profits will be directly applied to the student's individual travel account. 

Looking ahead to the future, we strongly encourage younger students and their families to take advantage of fund raising opportunities.  With the 2024 Bavaria trip fast approaching there's no time like the present to think fundraising! 


The cost of the Bavaria trip is expected to be approximately $3,500. Through fundraising, you can significantly reduce the cost of participation in these ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ cultural and musical experiences.  It is the goal of MTSD Orchestra Parents, Inc. to provide enough fundraising opportunities so that ALL students are able to participate in our tours.  We don’t want to leave anyone behind because of the cost of these experiences. 


We offer various fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  We also offer RaiseRight, which is an ongoing fundraiser that requires no selling.  To learn more, including how to set up your own account, click here.


Questions about Student Fundraising?

Contact Board President Nicole Angresano at:


Questions about Scrip Fundraising? 

Contact Scrip Fundraiser Lead Martha Tsuchihashi at:


Questions about Student Fundraising Balances? 

Contact Board Treasurer Danielle Richter at:

Balances in Individual Student Travel Accounts remaining after the student graduates or leaves the program become part of the MTSD Orchestra Parents general fund and is used for student scholarships unless transferred to a sibling in the program. Our 501c3 nonprofit status prohibits individuals withdrawing unused funds.